Resources and collaboration

There is a growing tendency for the customer to want solutions supported by data / IT / Digital to get the maximum benefit from the investment, they do not want to pay for the consultant's "light" resources. It is called "the quiet revolution in the industry" *

We want to set the line for quality and have the best competencies, therefore we have agreements with several others in the industry and use our large network to match the task and the customer's needs with our resources - we take the lead in the quiet revolution

*”The end of the leverage model in consulting?, Feb. 2019


Hardware and software for collecting data real-time used for managing production


Danish firm with expert knowledge in developing competences in employees. Owns the rights for the reknown Franklin Covey ”Helping clients suceed” in DK, Specialise in training sales resources


5000 consultants and IT experts within digitlisation og IT systems


2000 employees in 17 countries. Industry specific solutions on the reliable Microsoft Dynamics platform

On assignments we accept, and remain responsible for the quality, delivery and result

We have worked for a large number of Danish and Global companies